Anonymous said: how strong was sage of six path

strong enough to beat the ten tails. but unfortunately i grew older. 

Anonymous said: can you make it rain in pennsylvania tomorrow

haha sorry my friend, i only exist in the “Naruto World” I am merely an idea.

Anonymous said: who is stronger naruto or saske

that my friend is i do not know.

Anonymous said: What are the Six Paths?

six paths means, six powerful ninjutsus or techniques

Anonymous said: because the nine-tails sensed that naruto has the same chakra as the sage of the six paths

yes , but this does not mean that naruto IS the reincarnation of the sage of the six paths. the sage of the six paths need/have a Senju bloodline and Uchiha bloodline,

naruto only have Senju Bloodline, he needs Uchiha Bloodline to be a sage of the six paths.

but uchiha itachi gave naruto only a little bit of power (the eyes of uchiha shisui). so therefore when he sealed the kyuubi(kurama) the ninetails felt a little bit of the sage of six paths powers, because naruto had both powers or both Senju and a little bit of Uchiha.

i hope this helps :)

Anonymous said: hi

hello, :)

Anonymous said: Umm.. Will the Hokages help the Leaf Village against Madara and Obito in the war? (Just your opinion please)

my own opinion, is that they would, because the first hokage is powerful enough to break the jutsu and release the hokages from the control of orichimaru. although this is not accurate because kishimoto might want to put some kind of twist in this. :)

can you be reincarnated by the Impure World Reincarnation Jutsu?????

impossible, because they will need some kind of DNA that came from me, but i am far too old for them to get a DNA from me.

Anonymous said: Can you create another bijuu and seal it in me? Please

haha no can do brother. only the chosen ones may able to handle this job.

Anonymous said: Madara was your son?

he is not my son, but i am one of his predecessor.

Anonymous said: will manga ever tell your story and will you ever return

yes sorry for the late message, but i am very busy atm, but, i hope my story will be accurate, but more likely not, well find out soon enough..

Anonymous said: why did you make the moon

i made the moon, so i can seal the nine tails body in it.

Anonymous said: what techniques do you know?

my fellow ninja, i know lots and lots of techniques, but unfortunately i cant tell you.

Anonymous said: is naruto your reincarnation?

he could be, it all depends on kishimoto.

Anonymous said: Is it possible that naruto can defeat the 10 tails? How?

if he was able to full master the nine tails chakra :)